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Curriculum Overview

Students of Humanities in Year 7-10 are engaged in inquiry learning and supported to bring to their study the skills of critical thinking and making connections.    Under this approach, students are encouraged to gain understandings about matters studied, to apply their understandings and skills in their own lives and to actively explore, make sense of and contribute to improving the world around them.
At Star of Sea Catholic College we implement the Australian Curriculum: History and the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

Broadly speaking, the History Course includes the following areas of study: 
•    Year 7: The Ancient worlds of Greece, Egypt and China.
•    Year 8: Medieval Europe and the Vikings, Feudalism in Japan and the Spanish Conquest of the Americas.
•    Year 9: The Industrial Revolution, Australia and the making of a nation, and World War I.
•    Year 10: World War II, Rights and Freedoms 1945-present, Popular Culture.