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Key Learning Areas

We offer a full and challenging curriculum which encompasses the following key learning areas: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and History, the Arts (Visual Arts, Music and Drama), Health and Physical Education.  Good News for Living provides framework for our RE curriculum;  the newly-launched Australian Curriculum serves as the foundation document for our English, Maths and Science courses; all other key learning areas are based on the Tasmanian Curriculum, pending gradual, scheduled Australian Curriculum development.

Students in Years 7 and 8 experience aspects of the range of courses available as electives to students in Years 9 and 10. These courses, known as our P.A.L.S. courses (Pathways through Applied Learning), may include studies and practical training in Cooking, Hospitality, Graphics, Photography, Media Studies. They run parallel to the various courses available through the Trade Training Centre. In this facility, courses are delivered by Polytechnic staff who deliver Electrotechnology, Construction, Plumbing and Automotive courses. A sequential Pathways programme operates across the College and includes work placement experiences at Year 10 level.

Learning Support and Enrichment Programmes

In order to meet individual learning needs and support each student’s development, we offer a number of intervention, support and extension programmes. The members of our Learning Support Team implement programmes in the areas of: Literacy, Numeracy, Motor Skills, Speech Therapy, English as a Second Language (ESL) and support individual students through an on-line inter-school extension course. The College liaises regularly with outside agencies and providers such as speech therapists, psychologists and occupational therapists to augment the programmes.

Teaching for Social and Emotional Development

Holding that the development of social and emotional skills is integral to living a rich personal and social life, we include specific programmes and procedures in support of these key competencies. We build personal and interpersonal awareness through weekly “Circles” and, through our Positive Behaviour programme, we specifically teach, recognize and celebrate the personal and social skills which underpin rich human living.

Library and ICT Resources

With its comprehensive range of fiction, non-fiction and reference material the Library and Online Resource Centre provides resources for students, staff and parents. Enhancing learning through the use of ICT is supported by access to the banks of PCs in every classroom and the sets of laptops available for all classes.

Sports, Health, Well-being, Programmes

Weekly PE lessons for each class are complemented by a diverse sporting programme, both within the College and through involvement in inter-school sporting activities and a range of sporting competitions.